Awards of Excellence 2024 – Sponsored by Caterpillar

The AustStab Awards of Excellence celebrate leading practice and innovation in pavement recycling and stabilisation as well as the emergence of new talent in the industry. The Awards are presented annually at the AustStab Awards and Gala dinner following the Australian Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Conference, which this year will be held at the Pullman King George Square, Brisbane Queensland on Wednesday 7th August.

Award categories are:

  1. Work Health and Safety
  2. Industry Excellence in Consulting, Research or Education
  3. Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation
  4. Excellence in Recycling and Stabilising Pavements in Local Government
  5. Young Stabiliser of the Year

Stage 1 – Submission of entries

Entries may be submitted using the online form – entry submission will be open between the 25th March 2024 and 10th May 2024.

Pro-forma entries will require the following information:

  1. Title of entry *
  2. Submission contact name and details
  3. Organisation name/s to appear on certificate and trophy
  4. Award Category of submission, and
  5. A brief synopsis (no more than 300 words) detailing the objectives of the initiative being proposed, the operating environment or context and how that affects the initiative, and any specific challenges that were encountered in the implementation of the initiative.

* Note: Titles should be restricted to ten words or less and will be as used on all submission material, trophies and certificates.

An initial judging round will take place to determine the finalists – all entrants will be advised of the status of their entry by the 26th May 2024.

Stage 2 – Finalists’ submissions

All finalists will be required to provide a more detailed outline of their submission in a short, annotated PowerPoint presentation using a supplied template (strictly 10 slides maximum).

Finalists’ presentations will be required to be submitted by email to by the 26th June 2024. Presentations should include the following information:

  1. Entry title and submitting organisation/s, (title to be the same as the initial submission)
  2. Overview and objectives of the initiative,
  3. Description of the initiative undertaken,
  4. Description of the operating environment or context and how that affected the initiative,
  5. Any specific challenges that were encountered in the implementation of the initiative,
  6. Any other key points of interest about the initiative,
  7. Evidence of success, particularly describing what aspects clearly demonstrate excellence beyond normal day-to-day operations,
  8. Supporting data, including audit data, cost analyses, customer experience survey results, design documentation, or any other information that will help the judges understand the impact of the initiative,
  9. Demonstration of evidence of the initiative in practical use.
  10. Supporting graphical or image content.

A second judging round will take place to determine those entries considered to be Highly Commendable and the Category Winners.

Awards will be presented at the AustStab Awards Gala Dinner to be held on Wednesday 7th August 2024 in Brisbane.

Award Categories

Category 1 – Work Health and Safety

The Work Health and Safety award recognises excellence in the following general areas specific to application within the pavement recycling and stabilisation industry:

  1. Workplace health and safety management systems,
  2. Solutions to identified workplace health and safety issues, and
  3. Workplace health and safety practices in small business.

Category 2 – Industry Excellence in Consulting, Research or Education

This award recognises outstanding achievements in design, research or education associated with pavement recycling and stabilisation that will provide new ways of conducting or promoting sustainable pavement construction and rehabilitation processes.

Category 3 – Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation

The Excellence in Sustainability and Innovation award targets initiatives that demonstrate quantifiable economic, social and environmental sustainability and resiliency benefits in pavement recycling and stabilisation, or innovative applications of materials or techniques.

Category 4 – Excellence in Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation in Local Government

This award is specifically aimed at Local Government initiatives that have adopted innovative pavement recycling and stabilisation practices and that have resulted in better outcomes for Local Government constituents.

Category 5 – Young Stabiliser of the Year

Award nominees in this category shall be aged 35 years or less at 30th June and be pavement recycling and stabilisation professionals or field staff who have:

  1. Realised competence and significant achievement in pavement recycling and stabilisation,
  2. A demonstrated understanding of the role and purpose of pavement recycling and stabilisation in the construction industry, and
  3. Have demonstrated proficient use of communication skills in stabilisation projects.


Entry is open to Australian private and public organisations. Entrants do not need to be members of AustStab to be eligible, however contractors must be accredited contractors, or be in the process of achieving accreditation, in accordance with the AustStab/ARRB Accreditation Scheme.

Judging Process

AustStab will assess all entries for conformance with the criteria outlined in this document.

A judging panel will be nominated by the AustStab Council.

Award Process Timing

A summarised outline of the AustStab Awards of Excellence process and times is provided below.

  1. Entries for the awards open on the 25th March 2024.
  2. Award entries close on the 10th May 2024.
  3. Finalists will be notified on the 26th May 2024.
  4. Finalists’ submissions to be made by 26th June 2024.
  5. Finalist to be announced in the weeks leading up to the Awards Dinner.
  6. Highly Commendable entries and Winners will be announced at the AustStab Awards Gala Dinner on the 7th August 2024