Application for Membership of Association

The aim of AustStab is to establish a common view of members from the Australian recycling and stabilisation companies to further develop the industry. 

Members represent the industry in a variety of matters, such as the setting of national standards of performance.  The objectives of AustStab are to:

  • promote the stabilisation and road recycling industry,
  • set national standards of performance,
  • assist and coordinate research, and
  • educate and train people in the industry.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to membership base for networking and support
  • Advocacy for quality stabilisation in a range of forums
  • Discounts for range of services including CPEE training and publications
  • Company description, contact information and website link through AustStab Website
  • Use of association logo for approved services
  • Involvement for approved members in a range of Working Group Committees
  • Council membership for eligible members
  • Access to online resources and technical documents
  • Participation in annual AustStab Conference and AGM
  • Support and promotion of AustStab/ARRB Accreditation System for Stabilisation Contractors
  • Use of AustStab/ARRB Accreditation Logo for approved contractors
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Promotion of AustStab and quality stabilisation work through regular submissions to industry publications
  • Participation in Trade and Industry events, e.g. IPWEA and AAPA conferences.
  • Continued participation Austroads committees such as Pavement Structures Working Group (PSWG) and Pavement Task Force (PTF).
  • Input into Austroads research and development program.
  • Opportunity to influence standards, education, research and promotion of pavement recycling and stabilisation throughout Australia.

AustStab Member brochure click here

The following levels of membership are available in AustStab:

Membership categoryMembership requirements
Contracting MemberA person, firm or company carrying on the business of soil stabilisation and road recycling
Contracting Aoperating nine or more approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers.
Contracting Boperating between four and eight approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers
Contracting Coperating three or less approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers
Contracting Dresponsible for stabilisation works but not directly operating stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimers/stabilisers
Contracting EGovernment organisation operating three or more approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers.
Contracting FGovernment organisation operating two or less approved stabilisation mixing machines or reclaimer/stabilisers.
Construction Material MemberA a person, firm or company carrying on business as a supplier of binders or stabilisation materials to the stabilisation industry
Construction material supplier AMulti state Cement or Lime
Construction material supplier BMulti state Bitumen
Construction material supplier CChemical
Affiliate MemberA person, firm or company carrying on business supplying technical assistance to the stabilisation industry, or any trade association, Government bodies, engineers or like body for promoting the interests of the stabilisation industry and situated in the Territory
Affiliate Member - IndividualA person or individual
Affiliate Member - InstitutionalA firm or company
Affiliate Member - OverseasAn overseas entity
Geotechnical or Consulting MemberA provider of technical or consulting services direct to the Industry.
Multi-stateOperating in two or more states
Single-stateOperating in one state only
Supporting Contractor
Overseas Member (Contracting)
* All contractor members are required to be accredited under the ARRB/AustStab criteria within 12 months of initial probationary membership. Prior to probationary membership, the company is required to fill in the Contractor membership form which will be reviewed by AustStab Council.
** Construction material supplier C – Applicants in this category are required to submit technical details on their products which will be reviewed by the Standards Committee.

To apply to become a member or for further information, please phone Stuart Dack (CEO) 0404 817 262 or email