20th March 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - Sth Dandenong VIC
6th & 8th May 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Live Online
15th May 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - Dubbo NSW
25th June 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - Perth WA
26th June 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - WA
5th July 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - Parramatta NSW
27th & 29th August 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Live Online
12th September 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - Shepparton VIC
1st October 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Face to Face - Brisbane QLD
12th & 14th November 2024Stabilisation Fundamentals - Live Online

Stabilisation Fundamentals – 1 Day Course

This Course will briefly review the types of stabilisation before more detailed presentations on types of binders, material characteristics, design and mix detailing, with sessions on specifying and case studies for practical outcomes. A feature of this Course is its significant practical and project based content which aims to provide practical advice on road stabilisation solutions.

Overall the Course will include discussion on the types of various stabilising binders used in road construction, their properties, manufacture, and chemical reactions during the stabilisation process and safety considerations associated with their use. The types of binders described are; lime, cement, cementitious pozzolans, bitumen, chemical and synthetic polymers.

  • Types of Stabilisation Undertaken
  • Relative Costs of Stabilisation
  • Binder Types
  • Characteristics of Materials
  • Material Mix Design
  • Structural Design of Insitu Stabilised Pavements
  • Construction Process & Pitfalls, Equipment & Design Detailing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Types of Specifications & Contracts
  • Case Studies and Open Forum

Issues associated with undertaking stabilisation works using techniques which are not consistent with recognised best practice will also be discussed. Learning will be enhanced from the reporting of the outcomes of various projects and developments. Case studies will underpin the material presented.

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Stabilisation Fundamentals course – “Live Online”   

A key component of the AustStab annual education and training program is the Stabilisation Fundamentals course run across Australia every year in conjunction with the Centre for Pavement Engineering Education (CPEE).

During the COVID-19 pandemic and until further notice, CPEE will run this course live online over three days with two 90 minute sessions on both day 1 and day 2, followed by an optional workshop.

Content is common across all courses, however registration by state is encouraged to allow a focus on local specifications and construction practice.

Prior to the course, attendees will receive by post the CPEE printed notes folder, the AustStab Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Guide and the AustStab Insitu Stabilisation Construction Guide.

All questions submitted during the online training will either be addressed directly during the sessions, or answered in writing following the course.

To ensure good interaction with the presenters, numbers for each course will be restricted – so make sure you register early to avoid disappointment.

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